Breath of Fresh Air

Seattle, you’re a dream. Thank you for a much-needed weekend of nature, city, memories, and fresh air. Here’s to our next rendezvous…        

Happy Birthday, Babycakes.

We recently celebrated a dear friend’s birthday on a Sunday at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, situating ourselves amongst the tombstones to nosh on cupcakes and bagels. All reservations aside, the afternoon was incredibly peaceful and surprisingly… Continue reading

Château de Sceaux

Temperatures in Southern California are rising into the 90s and all I can do is reminisce about fall in Paris last year. Scarves, boots, auburn trees – it all served as a reminder… Continue reading

Scottish Highlands | Day 2

After a quick breakfast at our loch-side hotel in Ft. William we were off to the nearby train station for the start of our second day in the highlands. This was when my… Continue reading

Scottish Highlands | Day 1

I’m not usually one to chase after a large, group-style guided tour. I usually prefer to take things at my own pace, allow experiences to unfold in an organic way, and have a… Continue reading

St Andrews

Over the past few years I’ve come to realize that I love re-visiting places I’ve traveled to almost as much (and maybe sometimes a little bit more) as I love visiting someplace new.… Continue reading

Edinburgh | Arthur’s Seat

On one of our first mornings in Edinburgh we decided to bundle up and make our way past the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace to climb Arthur’s Seat. I have to confess that… Continue reading


Well Edinburgh, you’ve officially done it. You’ve captured my heart. I was highly intrigued by you on my first visit, but after our getting re-acquainted last week you’ve really won me over. There’s… Continue reading


Three years ago I was on a train bound for Wales and whizzed through Bath without more than a glimpse of the city out the carriage window. I could see the Georgian townhomes… Continue reading


Oxford is a city that inhales knowledge and exhales intellect. What can you expect, really, from a city where dons and scholars weave through the streets alongside mere civilian folk, and where the… Continue reading

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