Thriving in the tension of the already & the not yet

Classes are back in full swing again. Although I have a moderately full schedule I find myself often feeling distant and even disconnected from campus life and scholarly life in general. I am definitely looking to the future and trying to make some semblance of a plan for myself. Which is difficult. I am not much of a planner. I definitely am enjoying the present though.

The past month has been packed with activities: great people, great places, many great things. For a while now I have been attending Reality LA, which has been an overall wonderful experience because not only is the message piercing-to-the-core every week, but it also creates the ultimate Sunday Fundays in Los Angeles.

I have recently created a habit of taking my camera with me everywhere in the interest of practicing as much as possible. One unintentional benefit is the fact that I have been able to capture so. much. of my life over the past weeks. I have been rather negligent as far as updating this blog goes though, so I’m making a promise to myself to startposting more regularly. 

I’ll start with this week, which can be summed up as the week of musical outings. On Monday I went to LA (for the third day in a row) to see Hawthorne Heights, and since my Montanan Friends live up near the venue we stopped by their house for a while beforehand. A quick visit quickly evolved into watching countless cat videos on YouTube. Tuesday brought another trip to LA, this time to see Anberlin and Switchfoot play at The Wiltern. In short, I was blown away. Completely. Switchfoot was simply phenomenal. On Friday night I trekked out to Pomona to see Death Cab…again, phenomenal. We rounded out the week by seeing my friends in Goodnight Sunrise play at a small venue in Anaheim. Before they played we all met up at The Bruery (I didn’t even know there was a decent brewery nearby, and this one was pretty cool). I also had my first Sonic experience. All-in-all a solid week.

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