Paris Neige, La Blogothèque, and Chase Jarvis

Let it be known that I am a bit of a Paris freak. As such, when I stumbled upon these gorgeous photographs of Paris in the winter I was elated. Each of these photos is simply gorgeous. Below are some of my favorites, but click through to Design Cove to see the entire series (30 in all).

In other news, this morning I was able to catch an episode of Chase Jarvis Live with Chryde, the mastermind behind La Blogothèque, Take Away Shows, and Soirée de Poche. He is also a Parisien and therefore I am smitten. The topic was basically how to live your dream regardless of any barriers that might stand in your way. Simply put, Chase described barriers as those things which separate the people who really – REALLY – want something from everybody else. This was definitely an inspiring 90 minutes as Chryde explained that he was sick of his part-time job as a tech journalist (because he couldn’t land a job as a music journalist) and he just wanted to make following and sharing music via videography his full-time job. In the interview he explains the process he underwent to make this transition, difficulties and successes he had along the way, and offers encouragement to others like him who dream of doing more with their lives. The interview is fantastic and definitely worth a listen. It also includes a couple of La Blogothèque’s take-away shows, including their massively popular Fleet Foxes video (below). And click through here for the interview itself.

A couple memorable quotes from Chase:

“If you’re not making something, you’re a poser.”

“You don’t necessarily just blow up your life and say ‘Well I hope my photography works out.’ What you actually get is a transition phase. You wait tables, you bartend, you park cars. Whatever you’ve gotta do to segue.  …You manage this transition, and you do it intelligently”

Food for thought.

Kind of a scattered post, but Paris is the unifying element and I’m happy with that. 🙂

Here’s to chasing our dreams,

2 thoughts on “Paris Neige, La Blogothèque, and Chase Jarvis”

  1. 🙂 Great winter photos. You don’t see those as much. Pictures are usually sunny, at night or raining. Nice find. I’m inspired to take some Parisian winter photos of my own now.
    Merci for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I personally love Paris in the winter. I’m not sure if it’s my inexplicable affinity for barren trees, the way the grey rooftops blend into the grey skies, or the fact that the majority of my study abroad time there was during the winter. Regardless, I love seeing a frosty Paris.

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