A Day at the Park

After church one Sunday we all decided we needed some fresh air, so we thought we’d be European and find a park to lounge in. While the park we found was not exactly a sprawling expanse of vegetation and fresh air, we did seem to immediately revert to childishly giddy behavior. Sometimes we all just need to let loose a bit.

These girls are one of the reasons Sundays are so lovely.

I feel like this sets the tone for the year. Hilarious.

After we decided that this tiny park was a bit of a bust, we opted for staircasing instead. The walk we chose was at the western corner of Griffith Park off of Fern Dell. This area was so perfectly picturesque with faux bois fences, gorgeous trees, and beautiful light.

Silliness continued to ensue.

This is what my friends look like when I drag them up a 153 step staircase. But the view from the top was most definitely worth the effort…

After our adventures, we made a quick stop into Amoeba Records, where I scored Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (a childhood favorite), Unbreakable, and The Mask of Zorro…each for $5. The Mercantile was our choice for dinner!

Katie and Sam were feeling womantic.

Yet again, a very nearly perfect Sunday in Los Angeles. I enjoy these days so much. I couldn’t ask for a better way to start the week than with spiritual renewal at Reality LA, good meals with good friends, and time to explore such a diverse city.

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