She loves the natural light

This Sunday was pretty similar to the day we spent Downtown a couple weeks ago, except this time Katie and Sam were with us. We intended to pick up lunch at the Grand Central Market but ended up back at the Nickel Diner instead. Since neither Katie nor Sam had seen the Bradbury Building, we stopped in for another look. I decided to spend the day taking black and white pictures for a change, and I am so glad I did. To quote the Death Cab for Cutie song…”She loves the natural light captured in black and white”…

After brunch at the Nickel Diner, we walked over to CoffeeBar on Spring St. We passed this place the last time we were downtown and I really wanted to stop in for a drink. Seriously one of the best chais I’ve ever had…

From there, we walked to the California Plaza above Angels Knoll, and on the way I spotted this treasure.

I also want to share something I took away from the sermon at Reality LA this week. Whether or not you are a Christian, I just feel the need to share this because I found it to be completely relevant to my life lately. Basically, we live in a fallen world. It is because of sin that we experience pain, stress, and hardship…it is because of sin that we are separated from God and the immeasurable joy that he promises us in heaven. However, it is because of God’s grace and love for us that we are offered the gift of “stabs of joy,” as described by C.S. Lewis. Those fleeting moments when we feel so much more than happiness, but which can never fulfill our longing for complete and unending joy. These stabs leave us with a deeper longing for the source of joy: God.

I pray that each day brings me a little closer to The Source…

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