Unplanned adventuring

Work has been consuming a large chunk of my time lately. When I’m not working, I tend to feel compelled to hermitize myself and feed my inner introvert with The Office or a movie at home. This, however, does tend to get a little stale…which is why I am so glad Kimmie and I took a spontaneous trip to LA last week to see Pickwick from Seattle. This was their first show in Los Angeles and they. were. awesome. We saw them at The Echo in Echo Park, and for a Wednesday night I was surprised to see the place fill up so well for a band that was new to the area. The energy was high, the music was enchanting (cheesy, I know), and everybody was just so happy to be there.

After the show, Kimmie and I needed an adventure of some sort, even if it was small. So I took her up to a spot I’d visited while staircasing a few weeks ago. Perched on a hilltop near Griffith Park, I felt like you could really feel the spirit of LA disguised as light pollution.

This also fulfills my first weekly photochallenge: Spirit.

2/22/12: “Spirit”


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