Honeybadger don’t care…

There it went. My blueberry scone. Tumbling to the floor. As I sat down at Starbucks to do some editing and get this post written, I was really looking forward to eating that delicious, warmed pastry along with my Vanilla Awake Tea Latté. But when that fragile delicacy broke in two and I was left with only half, my initial reaction was one of frustration. Why, oh why, couldn’t I just eat my scone in peace after the difficult week I’ve had. Almost 40 hours of work aggravated by little sleep due to a pesky bird whose internal clock must have been severely skewed to trigger his incessant chirping in the middle of the night…three nights in a row.

Tragedy of tragedies.

However, this post is about a lovely day I spent with Tera last week at the San Diego Fair. I can say with confidence that Tera is one of the most cheerful, supportive, and joy-filled friends I have. She is my constant reminder that there is always a reason to smile, and that when it feels like life is working against you sometimes all you can say is “Honeybader don’t care,” shrug it off, and press on.

I didn’t really want a whole scone anyways, right?

This little dude really cracked me up. First of all, it looks like he just rolled out of bed and stumbled onto the fairgrounds in his crocks and sweats with a noticeable cow-lick still funking up his hair. Secondly, I admired his fascination with this model ship. I have always had a similar affinity for miniature things, and scale models like this always capture my attention. But nothing…nothing…is as captivating as those tiny tent replicas they have at REI. I’m being 100% serious.

Fueling up with French biscuits and making a plan of attack for the day. We are classy ladies.

Sittin’ pretty!

Arugula and pesto grilled cheese, organic berry lemonade, and quinoa salad. Gourmet food trucks are the best.

The fair, your source of exhilarating thrill-rides. These canoes were absolutely raging down this river.

Obligatory. But kind of overkill. Red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese icing, frosting, and chocolate drizzle.


Edit: I shouldn’t assume that the entire world knows about the Honeybadger. In the event that you do not, your homework is to look him up on YouTube. This post will probably make a lot more sense after watching that video.

One thought on “Honeybadger don’t care…”

  1. I’m part of a blog! That is sooo cool. I feel pretty special right now. Your comments at the beginning made me smile; thank you 🙂

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