Jereme + Kory | Lake Tahoe Wedding

There is something so peaceful about being in the forest. Removed from the noise of cars, machines, and the passing blur of urban society, the trees afford a quiet stillness accompanied only by the sound of chirping birds and the wind blowing through the pine needles. What a perfect setting this was for Jereme’s and Kory’s wedding at Gar Woods in Carnelian Bay. I was so honored by the opportunity to photograph this wedding A) because I appreciate ANY chance to learn and practice photography and B) because Jereme is my cousin who, 29 years ago, walked down the aisle at my parents’ wedding as the cheeky ring-bearer who stole the hearts of all the guests in attendance. Today, it is safe to say that Jereme has stolen another heart: Kory’s. When I arrived at her cabin on the afternoon of the wedding I was surprised to find none of the chaos and bustle that usually surrounds a bride and her entourage in the midst of wedding day preparations. Instead, there was a calmness that reflected the same peace in the surrounding forest and the peace within Kory’s heart…

Kory’s sons, Ryan and Westin, were proooobably my favorite people to photograph that day. Sorry, Jereme and Kory, I realize this was your wedding day and all, but these guys are just too cute!

My Uncle Gary had chosen a few verses to share during the ceremony emphasizing marriage as a picture of true love and commitment that reflects God’s love for us. Such a special moment he was able to share with Jereme and Kory.

The setting could not have been more perfect. Lake, pine trees, and a beautiful couple? Check.

Jereme hand-crafted this cake stand. Hand…crafted. I was completely unaware that such skill existed in my gene pool.

Such a beautiful end to a truly beautiful day.

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