It’s Friday and I’m Feeling Nostalgic: Scotland (Part I)

I would like to marry a Scotsman. Here is why: The Scots are heartier than the English, less drunk than the Irish, and they still have delectable accents…just melodic enough while maintaining the gruffness that reflects their ability to overcome the hardships of life in the highlands. Just my opinion based on my own humble observations.


This is all relevant because I plan on posting today about my last visit to Scotland. Rough segue, I know, but it’s my blog and I do what I want.


Flashback with me, if you will, to June 2010. After a ferry ride from Belfast across the Irish Sea and a short hop on the train, Megan and I found ourselves in Glasgow one sleepy summer evening. We took a train from the hostel into the city center the next day and spent our time wandering this gritty city by foot. We didn’t really have any plans or expectations for Glasgow, but we enjoyed ourselves and made the most of the short time we had there. You can read my full post here, but below are some pictures I’ve resurrected from my dusty iPhoto catalog.

To be quite honest, I hesitated even posting these at all because I frankly am not too proud of them from a photographic standpoint. I have decided to swallow my pride, though, and remind myself that this blog is in no way intended to glorify myself or my work. I took these during a time when I was still learning so much about how to use a DSLR, and I’m sure if I look at my current pictures two years from now I’ll cringe just like I am cringing now.
Without further ado: Glasgow.


Next week I will finish up my bout of Scotland nostalgia with Edinburgh (and maybe St. Andrews too…which includes some pretty entertaining reenactments of Chariots of Fire).

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