It’s Friday and I’m Feeling Nostalgic: Scotland (Part II)

I can remember arriving in Edinburgh by train after an early morning ride through the Scottish countryside and immediately sensing something magical about this place. The station seemed like it was partially underground, so we had to make our way to street-level and found ourselves on a bridge with a clear view across Princes Street Gardens and Edinburgh Castle beyond. There is something so elegant about the buildings in Edinburgh. Their rugged, weather-worn exteriors seem simultaneously delicate somehow…I can’t really explain it. We spent the afternoon divided between finding our hostel and gaining our bearings via a free walking tour with Sandeman‘s which was probably the best tour experience I’ve had. I’m usually wary of guided tours/tour groups because I’d rather explore a city myself, but since neither Megan nor I knew too much about Edinburgh we decided it would be a good idea to take a chance on this tour…besides, it was free. We learned all about the Royal Mile, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh Castle, and also learned a few of Edinburgh’s ghost stories. Perhaps my favorite part of the tour was Greyfriar’s Bobby, a loyal terrior who spent 14 years guarding his master’s grave. People were so touched by this dog’s faithfulness that they created a statue of him to stand at the corner of Edinburgh’s Candlemaker Row and George IV bridge.

We set aside one of the days during our stay in Edinburgh for a trip out to St. Andrews. Megan and I shared a lovely lunch together then set out to investigate the town. I most certainly wanted to make our way to the coast to see the site of Chariots of Fire‘s opening sequence…and maybe re-enact it ourselves.

And now I have a massive desire to return to Scotland…

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