About three or four times a week I set aside the time to escape to the beach for a run. As a self-professed introvert, this time alone with the sand and the ocean breeze is invaluable and allows me to recharge and emerge from this isolated enclave a bit less stressed and better prepared to face the world. My favorite days are those with a heavy fog blanketing the bluffs–it makes me feel like I’ve traveled to an entirely different planet. Last week I decided to catch a few pictures of my little beachy trail because I don’t ever want to forget how beautiful this place is and how blessed I am to live minutes from paradise.

Can we talk about how this is less than a month away? Check back in three weeks…I’ll probably be speaking in French and French only because my brain will have shifted to the Parisienne it aspires to be.

Okay so I really want to do some kind of photoshoot here…any takers?

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