Three years ago I was on a train bound for Wales and whizzed through Bath without more than a glimpse of the city out the carriage window. I could see the Georgian townhomes rising up into the distance and distinctly remember thinking what a shame it was to miss out on what I imagined to be a spectacular place to visit. Well, flash forward to this August, I knew that my family and I needed to squeeze in a day-trip to bath while we were staying in Oxford. I am oh-so-glad we did!

Bath England Royal Crescent Bath England Royal Crescent

Bath EnglandBath EnglandBath England

Upon a friend’s recommendation, we paused for tea and coffee at Society Café – a recommendation I would offer to any who happen upon this blog as well! The baristas were friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxed…as evidenced by the sleeping pooch! Three years ago I became acquainted with “flapjacks” in England, so when I saw them on their pastry counter I jumped at the opportunity to devour another one of those delicious oat bars. Society Cafe Bath EnglandSociety Cafe Bath England TeaSociety Cafe Bath England Society Cafe Bath England FlapjackSociety Cafe Bath England

Next it was on to the Roman Baths. I had no idea how extensive or well-preserved these would be! Definitely a fascinating twist to a city that is otherwise marked by a such rich Georgian and “Jane Austenian” history.Bath England Roman BathsBath England Roman BathsBath England Roman BathsBath England Roman BathsBath England Roman BathsBath England Roman BathsBath England Roman BathsBath England Roman BathsBath England Roman BathsIn the midst of our search for dinner after the bath house, we meandered over to the River Avon to take in the view. At the time, the scene below was vaguely familiar, but we couldn’t quite place it. We thought it looked strangely similar to the scene in Les Misérables when Javert leaps to his death, but that couldn’t be true since the setting for that story is Paris…right?

Bath England River Avon

Further research revealed that this WAS, in fact, the scene they used in the movie. As it turns out, England was very heavily used as a filming location.

To conclude our time in Bath, my brother and I tried some Bath ale and cider at a pub called Salamander.

Bath England Bath Ale Bath Cider

Quite a lovely city. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to finally visit!


4 thoughts on “Bath”

  1. Beautiful photographs – you really captured Bath’s loveliness well. Growing up nearby I’ve been to Bath a few times, but never inside the Roman Baths. You know how it is, you never see the touristy bits in your own backyard. Maybe I should go back? They look interesting

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