Tucked against the foothills of the San Bernadino National Forest, Redlands is a hidden gem sprinkled with independent coffee roasters, vibrant wall murals, a striking juxtaposition of trees (pine and palm alike) and a charming small town vibe. This is where Lauren and I found ourselves on a recent Sunday, there to accompany a pretty rad couple on their wedding day. We had such an amazing time photographing Mel and Danny’s quite perfect ceremony and reception at the Mitten Building, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to join in celebrating their love.


Here are a few favorites to share:
Moore Wedding 11-2014-1

Moore Wedding 11-2014-63Moore Wedding 11-2014-3Moore Wedding 11-2014-64

Moore Wedding 11-2014-44Moore Wedding 11-2014-5

Moore Wedding 11-2014-10Moore Wedding 11-2014-17

Moore Wedding 11-2014-15

Moore Wedding 11-2014-6Moore Wedding 11-2014-14Moore Wedding 11-2014-21Moore Wedding 11-2014-28Moore Wedding 11-2014-49Moore Wedding 11-2014-47Moore Wedding 11-2014-39Moore Wedding 11-2014-37Moore Wedding 11-2014-31Moore Wedding 11-2014-75

Moore Wedding 11-2014-66Moore Wedding 11-2014-70Moore Wedding 11-2014-59Moore Wedding 11-2014-45Moore Wedding 11-2014-51Moore Wedding 11-2014-52Moore Wedding 11-2014-74Moore Wedding 11-2014-79Moore Wedding 11-2014-71


Be cool and pop over here to stay up to date with Lauren’s beautiful work.


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