About Lark & Lion

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who walked into her kindergarten class and proclaimed to all who would listen that she would one day become a doctor. Or an astronaut. Or a Disney Princess. I was not that girl. (Although I did wear a Beauty and the Beast t-shirt over pink bike shorts, as was the style in the early 90s, so I suppose Disney Princess was not completely out of the picture).

Neither was I the girl who started college with great dreams and plans for the future. It took me two years just to declare a major, and even then I only chose it because it was relevant to my plan to study abroad in Paris.

I finished college with a degree in European Studies and a minor in French. I am not quite sure what I plan to use either of these to accomplish. Each and every day is an exercise in surrendering my planning and scheming to the greatest Planner of all. I’ve resolved to trust His judgment.

So why the blog? This is a creative outlet of sorts. A means through which I can share my view of the world. Here I present the pictures I document of my little life as I grow and develop as a person and as a photographer. Photography enables me to capture moments and memories…those slices of life we want to remember most. While photography is undoubtedly an art form, I hesitate to call myself an artist. I am merely part of a greater creation that stands in awe of the work of the Creator. I pray that my photography is a humble reflection of the Light and life of the One who gave it all for us.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings.