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Suiting up

When I first started this blog two years ago I was riding the high of an inspiring photography walking tour in Seattle and I was fueled by mounting adrenaline as I quickly approached college graduation. Photography was an escape and a destination; a means of turning my back on the traditional career route in favor of the exciting prospect of being my own boss and running my own business. This all was happening in conjunction with Christ drawing me deeper into a relationship with him and making me exponentially more aware of the scope of his kingdom and plans. Slowly but surely this blog documented my development as a photographer and as a follower of Christ, and behind the scenes this translated into my growing desire to use photography to glorify God and serve as a testament to his goodness and beauty.

Here’s where I went wrong:

I started to believe that since my photographic aspirations were aligned with God-honoring intentions, everything should just fall into place easily and smoothly almost as if by magic. God does, after all, have a perfect and wonderful plan. All we have to do is walk in it.

But instead of walking in God’s plan I allowed myself to become busied in other tasks, responsibilities, and jobs. I wasn’t walking, I was waiting for God to swoop in like a magician to sprinkle magic fairy dust over everything and make all my dreams come true. A year and a half later, when nothing had changed, I started to doubt God’s plan for me.

Oh, how wrong was I, thinking God is a magician who works to satisfy our every whim.

Part of our walk with God requires steps, leaps, bounds of faith. This faith is evidence of our trust in God to work out everything for our good according to HIS plan. Not our plan, or our expectations for life, but His plan. I had been so paralyzed by fear of making a mistake or of experiencing disappointment that I wasn’t doing anything to move forward. I wasn’t stepping out in faith because I didn’t trust God, or at least because I didn’t trust God with my plan. The result was nothing short of my feet getting so stuck in the mud that my only choice was to reach up with trusting arms so that God could lift me out of my sterile and controlled environment. The thing about this though, is that I also have to trust that God will place my feet back on good soil. I also have to do my part and take those steps of faith in order to allow God to direct me, realizing that a rejection here or closed door there are merely signposts from God steering me in the right direction.

So I’m taking a step. For a while now I’ve known that in order to really commit to photography in any capacity I needed to pull myself together and invest in a real website with a portfolio that communicates “I’m not just a hobbyist” (because that’s how I was treating my photography and that’s what I was subsequently limited to). I’ve heard it said that a photographer’s website is their handshake, and a photographer’s blog is their voice. Well, I had plenty of voice but I wasn’t making any first impressions. That’s why I decided to suit up, put on my big girl pants, surrender my fear of judgment, failure, etc etc blah blah blah lies lies lies and really take a risk. (Let it also be said that I’m additionally fully committing myself to finding an adult careerish job…hi Mom.)

Today I launched my first official website and I couldn’t be more blessed by the response I received from my family and friends. Thank you ALL for being so supportive of me and encouraging! You are my cheerleaders and I couldn’t run this race without you!

Website Launch August 2013 (2 of 3)

Website Launch August 2013 (3 of 3)

Website Launch August 2013 (1 of 1)

Here’s to taking risks,


Lark & Lion

Up with me! up with me into the clouds!

For thy song, Lark, is strong…

There is a madness about thee, and joy divine

In that song of thine…

With a soul as strong as a mountain River,

Pouring out praise to the Almighty Giver,

Joy and jollity be with us both!


William Wordsworth

Excerpt from “To A Sky-Lark”


Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,

At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,

When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,

And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.


C.S. Lewis

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Spring is a time of new life, rebirth, and fresh starts. It is a season full of expectation as the world shakes off the winter and marches forward into new beginnings. Spring cleaning, fresh sun, the celebration of Easter…it’s all about being washed clean and walking in new skin.

So out with the old, and in with the new.



Dear Blog,


I am terribly sorry for neglecting you so over the past few weeks. School took a nasty turn, you see, and landed me somewhere between Stressed Out and Slightly Overwhelmed. But all of that is in the past. As of tomorrow, I am no longer in school and can return my thoughts to things more beautiful and creatively stimulating. I’m thinking along the lines of photography challenges, nostalgic revisits of adventures past, and maybe even weekly updates on the lovely Sundays I spend with good friends. So fear not, sweet blog, I will make a point of paying you the attention you deserve very very soon.


Your long-lost (but not forgotten) friend,


“so, have you graduated yet?”

This seems to be everyone’s favorite question to ask me lately. “Nope, not quite yet” I continually respond with a hint of self-deprication. At this point it feels like I’ve developed a speech to justify my late graduation. “I just completed all of the requirements for my European Studies major in June after handing in my senior thesis, now all I have left is my French minor” (I’ll spare you the questions about what the heck I’m going to do with a European Studies major that usually follow). While most of my friends and colleagues finished the school year in June with degrees in hand and their futures and careers on the horizon, I managed to eke out one final quarter of three straggling classes. Come December, however, I will be thrust into the world without the security blanket of education that has sheltered me for over twenty years. Never before has the future seemed like such an enormous question mark, full of uncertainty and swelling with my apparent lack of professional ambition. Sure, I have goals in life (namely, move back to France. I have…have…to move back to France), but nothing seems to match up to the professional goals of so many of my peers. The more I poke around on the internet for internship opportunities or some way to get my foot in the door of the room where so many people are having an “I just started a new adult career” party, the more I realize that I don’t want to be anywhere near that room. To me it seems that when life is packed into that box of a room it becomes increasingly less beautiful and more banal by the minute.

But I want life to be beautiful.

That’s when I have to remind myself that we were all created with different passions and strengths. If we are able to align ourselves and our careers with those passions and strengths we certainly have a better shot at being happy than if we try to pigeon-hole ourselves into what society deems acceptable and necessary for “success”. That’s where photography comes into play for me.

My dad has always had cameras around the house. For as long as I can remember, he has been constantly in pursuit of a newer and more powerful camera (Canon, of course) and all the while I have watched with interest. It was not until two years ago that this interest translated into a hobby of sorts. When I left to spend six months studying abroad in Paris I knew that I wanted to take a good camera with me. My hand-me-down Rebel never left my side while I was abroad, though my experience was mostly trial-and-error. Gradually I became more comfortable with Monsieur Rebel and managed to take decent pictures. In the year that I’ve been home, however, my photography hobby has really become a passion. I am now learning the difference between what it means to take good pictures versus what it means to MAKE good pictures. I am ready to turn this passion into a profession. For me, when I have a camera in my hand I can truly see that life is beautiful.