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Brunch Faces

We get excited about brunch.

The Griddle Café | 7916 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Swingers | 802 Broadway, Santa Monica

The Mercantile | 6600 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

I could brunch every day for the rest of my life and be immensely happy.



Winter Wonderland

So, it doesn’t get incredibly wintry looking in Southern California around the holidays. Really the only visible change is in the form of Christmas trees sprouting up in shopping malls and twinkly lights overtaking nearly every structure (tree, bush, building, etc.) possible. I absolutely love it.

It isn’t a California Christmas without an evergreen on the beach.

The Grove in LA is looking particularly lovely lately, with lights strung high between the trees and a meticulously adorned tree anchoring the holiday shoppers to this cheer-filled season of giving.

It seems like December came upon us out of nowhere this year, but I am definitely enjoying the decorations 🙂

Sunday in lalaland – 11 December 2011

Today was yet another fabulous Sunday spent in LA with a wonderful group of friends. For the past few months we’ve been going to church at Reality LA in Hollywood and I couldn’t be happier with my experience so far. This church is truly Gospel-centered and I walk away every week feeling convicted and closer to understanding what it means to have a relationship with my savior. I have encountered quite a few surprised reactions when people hear that I’ve been driving the 40-something miles to LA for church every Sunday, but the fact of the matter is that it’s so much more than church for me. It’s a time of learning, of pure and uninhibited worship and response to God’s love, of re-dedication, and of community.

After church we have the day wide open for exploration, beginning with a new restaurant to fuel our usually starving bodies. Today I suggested we try a place I’ve driven past countless times, always making a mental note to go sometime, but never actually going. Just a few blocks up Sunset Boulevard from Reality, The Mercantile is a French-style wine bar that serves brunch on the weekends. The atmosphere is nothing short of idyllic, with sun-soaked brick walls adorned with white hand-painted signs advertising their cheese, wine selection, and pastries. Their menues are simple sheets of paper on wooden clipboards, and what they lack in terms of entrée choices they more than make up for with quality and overall tastiness. Three of us ordered a type of egg omelette taco thing, accompanied by the loveliest looking cubed potatoes I’ve seen in a while. Let’s just say their plates were practically licked clean. Katie and I both ordered the “mini” pancakes, although we both agreed that they were just about the same size as the pancakes we make at home. Since we were extremely tantalized by the chocolate cake sitting in the display case behind us throughout our entire meal, we opted to split a slice between the five of us before leaving. Unfortunately, it was very very mocha-y and I am not exactly a coffee fan, but everyone else seemed to greatly enjoy it. We are definitely looking forward to eating there again.

Since Nick is in law school and super important taking finals right now, he parted ways with us and headed off for some studying at the good old Bullocks Wilshire building aka Southwestern Law School library. The rest of us finished off the day with a quick trip up to the Griffith Observatory since Sam had never been, and the city really did look quite beautiful. Today was a day filled with giddy laughter over stupid jokes as we all basked in the glow of the end of finals week and the beginning of winter break (or the beginning of real life for me).

He caught me…

All connected, all the time.

It seems my lens was a little dirty. Oops.

Sundays are the best. I hope yours are just as lovely 🙂

Spontaneity is the best medicine

Thursday was a pretty significant day in my life. Thursday was the end to finals week. Thursday was the end to my collegiate career. Thursday was the day I saw Ryan Gosling. Let me elaborate…

I was curled up in bed, ready for a night filled with Mad Men and a comfy sweater. All that changed when my friend Kimmie texted me saying Gangster Squad was filming in Hollywood…and that I should go try to find Ryan Gosling. I have to admit that I have become quite the Gosling fan over the past few months, something which was most heavily influenced by my affinity for Drive. With that said, I was immediately on-board with this scheme of Kimmie’s. Within an hour and a half she, Sam and I were parked just off Hollywood Boulevard, making our way by foot to the movie set outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The entire stretch of road between Highland and at least a street or two past the theater was blocked off and lined with pristine cars from the 50s. It was truly an incredible sight and worth the renegade midnight mission on its own. Seeing Ryan for a split second before he ducked into a van was pretty nice too. But the icing on the cake was definitely the unexpected time I got to spend with Kimmie and Sam being adventurous and spontaneous even though they were still in the midst of finals.

I live for spontaneity and adventures like that.

Kimmie was particularly excited to see the bus pictured behind her, part of the Los Angeles public transportation system she had been researching earlier that day.

It was pretty crazy to have gone from watching Mad Men on my computer to being surrounded by extras dressed in costumes from the same era.

Kimmie and a teeny tiny trailer.

Oh, I guess I’m a college graduate now?